The Fifth Compendium

The Fifth Compendium is my first novel.

The setting is an imaginary Victorian-type world.

Status : 4th done – Sending out to agents and editors

“In a place where only women have the right to read, Lorn – a man – is convinced that only the knowledge contained in the Fifth Compendium can save his dying brother.
Ciera, a lone librarian has found the Compendium and is obsessed by uncovering all the book’s secrets. She won’t part from it, especially not to a man.
Women of the Covenant are searching for the lost Compendium and will stop at nothing to get it. Of all the parties involved, who will get to control the precious book and all the knowledge it contains?
But people have forgotten what a Compendium really is. What if this Compendium had a mind of its own?”

My brother designed this book cover as a gift. It may look nothing like the actual book cover, but it makes my manuscript more real.