Act started

I just started writing act3 of the novel.

The first scene is a little light perhaps. I think I have to deflate some of the tension here, so that I can build more later. In this scene, the protagonist thinks that all her trouble just went away and she’s feeling good. That she is now in a very damp and cold place doesn’t play on her humor and I get to do some cool moments like she getting in a wet bed for the first time. This should be fun.

I’ll reserve the heavy stuff to the next chapter.

On another note, I finished Stephen King’s “On Writing” audio-book. In fact, I finished it friday evening shortly after I came back from work. As I started the book monday morning, this means that I got the book’s 300 pages in five days. I would never have been able to read this much on my commutes had this book been in the traditional printed form. I’m quite amazed at how easy it was, come to think on it. Usually, when I’m listening to something serious (like my weekly podcast), I need to do something that won’t catch my attention. I thought that travelling would be too difficult for me to listen to an audiobook. Turns out, I was wrong. Maybe this has to do with King’s rendition of his book or maybe the contents, but this seems like a good way for me to read : just listen.

A few days ago, I told myself that I should start Ender’s game by Orson Scott Cards. This is a SF classic that I feel I should read (or listen to). Granted, I rarely read SF (too thinky stuff usually), but this time, I feel like I’m missing something. So, I went to the kindle database to get it. Guess what? Turns out that Kindle has a ridiculous number of books in SF (7300) or Fantasy (6200) on the total of 357000. This means, as I said before that most of what I want to read can’t be found there. It’s amazing that I was able to get the first book I tried at all! I hope they will fill that gap shortly.